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Confessions of a Terrible Grad Student, or: Grad School, a Pre-Mortem

They warned me about all of the bad reasons that people get PhDs. They said that lots of people go into grad school just because it’s prestigious. But I knew that didn’t motivate me, because my friends and family would … Continue reading

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19 Thoughts About Marriage

“There is no such thing as true love, or soul mates, or a truly satisfying and happy marriage. Except for me and my wife.” — paraphrase, some humanist philosopher 1. My definition of marriage, covering only what I think almost … Continue reading

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Do people read this blog?

Trying to decide between writing things and sending them to whoever I think will appreciate it most, as I have been doing lately, or posting them here. Leave a comment if you want the blog to stay.

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Brain dump: Effective altruism

In college, I took a course called Problems in Philosophy. Near the end of the semester, I sat in the back of the lecture hall, probably trying to discreetly eat a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich and trying to satisfy my participation requirement … Continue reading

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If someone’s bothering you, talk to them about it?

I used to live in a co-op called pika. It was awesome but exhausting. When the co-op extended a “bid” to someone we hoped would move in, we sent them a letter. Part of it went like this: “pika used … Continue reading

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Why I left Facebook, and reading recommendations

I deactivated my Facebook account during my hermit experiment. I thought I would miss Facebook, because my Facebook friends suggested lots of good reading material and because it enabled me to keep in touch with people I don’t see anymore. … Continue reading

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Reorganizing my social life: Quality and quantity

Near the beginning of this semester, I ran a ten-day experiment in being a hermit. I worked in places where I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew, avoided groups of people I knew, kept spontaneous conversations brief, didn’t go on … Continue reading

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